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It’s up to the customer


Smartphones have brought us to a turning point. The technology is opening the door to more and new types of business. But, at the same time, social media has made customers more assertive and online shoppers are just as likely to buy in China or in the USA as they are in the shop down […] read more

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The road to innovation


Machine-to-machine solutions allow you to cut costs, improve efficiency and customer service and create new business models. Watch the video and discover the smart machine-to-machine solutions that lead you to innovation. More info? Surf to or contact your Account Manager. Follow us on Twitter @bm2m.  read more

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Ship spotting?

What Flightradar24 does for airplanes, MarineTraffic does for boats. Via your smartphone or tablet you can follow a ship’s location live, as well as its speed and its distance from a given harbor. read more

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Follow where your family is flying

With the Flightradar24 app, you can track any flight worldwide in real time and instantly find out about changes in arrival and departure times. read more

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10 questions for 2 CIOs

Pascale Van Damme - Managing Director Dell Belux

Pascale Van Damme is a team player who surrounds herself with people who are outstanding in their fields. Results-oriented and persistent, but also a strong believer in empowerment, she aims to ensure that her employees feel valued. They are given the task of developing their potential without losing their individual identity. read more

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